About GIC

The international business conference” Global Investment Convention” hosts Government Trade Bodies, Investment Promotion Agencies, Economic Development Organisations, and similar agencies focused on attracting investments in their regions to meet key decision-makers of potential companies. The team of the Global Investment Convention (GIC) thereby nurtures the business partnership to drive sustainable developments with innovative solutions.

Global Investment Convention (GIC) has emerged as one of the most successful investment conferences in initiating & driving investment across diversified sectors across the globe. The most preferred, dynamic & valuable investment conference of GIC helps investor companies & investment attraction organizations to capitalize on the opportunity with a unique blend of technology, knowledge, experience & expertise.

GIC Highlights:

  • 6+3 Special Edition
  • FDI Facilitation: $84.8 billion
  • Investors: 2700+
  • Investor Meeting: 1050+
  • Digital Visibility: 9 million

The evolution of the Global Investment Convention fostered business growth with a win-win proportion across every sector & country. Both investor companies & economic development organizations are connected on one common platform to leverage faster and improved growth for companies and economies at large.

The GIC virtual platform has proven to be instrumental in initiating and driving FDI Sustainable developments. In the critical pandemic scenario, GIC virtual platform conveniently connects potential companies and government agencies on the interactive platform, which gives the real-time immersive experience of business dialogue between the participants.

GIC Motive

Global Investment Convention is the most preferred and prestigious virtual platform for Investment and Growth. The convention platform brings the policymakers, Government & Trade bodies together on one platform to support the global community for business growth. It features unique attribution of filling the gap of investment know-how in International Economic Planning.

In the current scenario, at the outset of the Coronavirus Crisis which results in frequent and dynamic changes in trade and investment policies, the convention prioritizes addressing both, risk management and creating a window for global expansion opportunities. With the present ‘new normal situation, GIC aims to create an ideal WIN-WIN proportion for both the business community and government policymakers for Investment and Development. Post-pandemic, every business community, and economy wants to stabilize and gradually grow towards innovation & development. GIC aims to capitalize on making the current scenario more favorable for sustainable growth by introducing a unique blend of technology, knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Benefits for Business Community
  • ‘SPECIAL PRIVILEDGES’ announced by the Government Officials only during Global Investment Convention.
  • Special Incentive Declarations like Cash Incentives, Work Permits, Land Acquisition concessions, Social security, SEZ Benefits (Special Economic Zone), Trade Incentives, Relaxation of documentation and other legal formalities etc.
  • Pre- Scheduled Qualified B2B Meetings.
  • An Opportunity for gaining free Business Expansion Consultation.
  • Networking session with Companies and Investment Promotion Agencies.
  • Decision making facts and figures that will help the organisations to take the best suited alternatives for them.
  • Special Knowledge gaining sessions on Trade Potentials and Expansion Strategy.
  • Live interactions with Government Official through Virtual Booths.
  • A high end Virtual interactive exhibition and Conferences.
  • A real time experience of communication with Government authorities and other participating companies.
  • Opportunity to enjoy recreational yet informative activities on virtual platform.
Benefits for Investment Agencies
  • Pre-qualified Investment Meetings.
  • Pre-During Post Meeting Support.
  • Post Meeting nurturing.
  • Speakers slot for Presentation and Question Answers.
  • Social Media Visibility and promotion.
  • Brand Building.
  • Investment Lead Signals.
  • List of Participating companies in each GIC Edition.
  • Virtual Exhibition Interactive Booth.
  • Real time communication with the participating companies during GIC.